Our Results Focused Approach Goes Way Beyond the Basics to Ensure Successful Outcomes

Case Study: Litigation Boutique Firm

A New York city law firm needed to quickly build their team with highly credentialed attorneys, barred in New York, so they turned to Hire Counsel.

Position(s) to Staff
Permanent Staff Attorneys

Barred in NY, highly credentialed

  • Developed a unified process to match candidate expertise with client need
  • Hired attorneys had Ivy League educations in addition to meeting all client qualifications
  • Sourced top talent, interviewed and onboarded within the 30-day deadline

Case Study: Major Professional Sports Team Organization

When one of the most well-known sports organizations in the country needed to round out their legal team with three top level attorneys possessing a range of specialties, Hire Counsel leveraged our robust database with thousands of candidates and partnered with sister company Mestel & Company.

Position(s) to Staff
Permanent Staff Attorneys (1 Deputy Counsel, 2 VP Level)

Highly credentialed, Ivy League, bilingual, employment law expertise, sports background

  • The first attorney placed was instrumental in re-opening the sports season during the pandemic
  • Multiple “number one” prospects included high-level attorneys from top sports teams and organizations (30%+ diverse attorneys)
  • Successfully negotiated compensation and managed onboarding process
  • One of the attorneys hired is now a Vice President for the fund after only 2 years

Case Study: Private Equity Firm

A Private Equity firm with multiple companies in their portfolio needed help reviewing NDA’s. They turned to Hire Counsel to engineer a strategic, cost-effective solution.

Position(s) to Staff
Contract Attorney

NDA contract experience

  • Quickly sourced and engaged a qualified attorney
  • Established the process and parameters
  • Contracts were reviewed, some with 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Client realized substantial savings working with Hire Counsel’s strategic solution but did not sacrifice quality

Case Study: Energy Law Firm

A growing West Coast law firm needed to quickly deepen their bench. Hire Counsel sourced top
talent with niche experience to place multiple contract attorneys in 30 days.

Position(s) to Staff
Multiple Contract Attorneys (2 in less than a week) with highly specialized skills

Experience in Due Diligence Analysis, Real Estate Transactions, Energy Fields



  • Access to top talent in any field allowed us to quickly source qualified candidates with the specific experience required, and meet the first deadline in less than a week
  • Our robust database with thousands of vetted candidates allowed us to fill all the temporary positions in 30 days
  • The client decided to hire one of the temporary attorneys after the project was completed
  • The client has discussed future project opportunities