Hire Counsel is an agile legal talent company that quickly injects potent, on-demand legal review project managers, attorneys and skilled staff into organizations seeking to expand, amplify and expedite matter management results without losing a step. Thoroughly vetted and fueled by P³, our rapid People Placement Process, Hire Counsel teams are catalysts that immediately instill clients with the confidence they need so they can focus on daily business operations while our experts take care of the details behind the scenes.

Operating on site and remotely nationwide, Hire Counsel teams forge genuine, symbiotic relationships with clients, talent and staff via an inspiring culture of listening and alignment to solve immediate problems and generate tangible business results.


When legal needs arise, you need an experienced partner you can trust capable of delivering the right solutions promptly and effectively. At Hire Counsel, an HCMC Legal Company, we possess extensive resources and expertise to provide on-demand legal talent nationwide. 

Hire Counsel has extensive experience aligning talent with matters spanning multiple legal practice areas including but not limited to:

  • Second Requests
  • Mass Torts
  • Product Liability
  • SEC Investigations
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Patent Litigation
  • Pharma Industry
  • Data Breaches 

As the national leader in legal staffing, we have amassed a deep pool of highly skilled professionals, combined with decades of experience and a proven track record of success. Our comprehensive understanding of the legal industry, its evolving practices, and cutting-edge technology enables us to expertly address the ever-changing needs of law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

We pride ourselves on delivering customized legal solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. With a focus on speed and excellence, we ensure quick and best-in-class results. Trust Hire Counsel to be your responsive partner, providing the right legal solutions anywhere and anytime, empowering your organization to thrive in this dynamic industry.



When I was invited to lead the Hire Counsel team in 2017, the organization’s footprint spoke to a solution I knew the market desperately needed.

My personal journey into the eDiscovery world, and more specifically manage document review services, began as a corporate client back in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, the exposure I and our stakeholders experienced left us disheartened at best – lackluster results, soaring costs and inadequate resources.

The neutral to negative experiences provided a path forward, inspiring us to evolve our company’s mission to create exemplary client experiences on all fronts.  In other words, treat clients like we’d like to be treated.   

At Hire Counsel, we understand the importance of qualified vetted talent, seamless deployment, cost effectives and above all, high-quality service delivery. Behind the delivery model are decades of experience, fine-tuned repeatable processes, highly talented resources, proprietary technology and uncompromising passion.

Hire Counsel is an award-winning company focused on creating memorable client experiences fueled by a foundation of confidence and trust.  I encourage you to explore our quality services and the talented staff that supports them.  

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Joan Madera Davison
Hire Counsel CEO


  • Company Founded in 1987 – 30+ Years’ Experience
  • Provide Managed Review, Document Review and Legal Talent Services
  • Employee Owned (ESOP)
  • Possess Deep National Footprint
  • Manage 300+ Long-Term Clients
  • Optimized P³ People Placement Process to Expedite Results
  • Highly Certified / CEDS Project Managers
  • Database of 57,000+ Highly Vetted Legal Professionals
  • Proudly Recognized by Leading Industry Publications 


  • 30+ Years Successful Client Experiences
  • Streamlined P³ People Placement Process
  • National Scalability and Flexibility
  • Highly Vetted, Experienced, Certified Attorneys
  • 100% Certified Project Management Team
  • Solid Data Control and Security Protocols
  • Proven Disciplined Processes
  • W-2 Inspired Reviewers / Project Managers
  • Largest National Pool of Vetted Legal Professionals
  • Advanced Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Onsite / Offsite Team Presence and Execution
  • Industry Leading 96% Average Fill Rate
  • 30% Faster Project Start Up Speed
  • 85% Vetted Talent Chosen in First Pool
  • Technology Agnostic / Knowledgeable
  • 30+ Years Proven Best Practices 
  • Detailed, Consistent Reporting Metrics
  • Sustainable Workflows for Future Projects


Available to listen anytime, feel free to engage with us via 646.356.0550, email or the quick form below.   We look forward to discovering the possibilities. 

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