At Hire Counsel, we know that providing Managed Document Review solutions and Legal Talent is our expertise. We also know the collective power of expertise is core to client success. We don’t pretend to be all things to the e-discovery community. We know and you know that approach doesn’t yield a better outcome. That is why our Channel Partner relationships are a cornerstone for our company and our clients. 

We built our eight key Channel Partner cornerstones which fall under three main categories

  • Foundation Perspective
  • Relationship Perspective 
  • Client Delivery Perspective



Effective communication is essential for a successful channel partner relationship. This involves regular communication to ensure that all parties have a united voice to address any issues or concerns promptly. At Hire Counsel, we establish protocols to ensure communication takes place.


A strong level of trust is critical to a successful channel partnership. This means that both parties must be reliable, honest, and transparent in their dealings with one another. Since we have maintained partnerships for over 30 years, trust is an element we understand well.


Mutual Benefit

Both partners should benefit from the relationship, whether that’s through revenue sharing, access to new markets, or other benefits. Each partner should feel that they are getting value from the partnership.

Alignment of Goals

The goals of both parties should be aligned for an effective partnership. This includes a shared understanding of what each party hopes to achieve from the partnership and a clear plan for achieving those goals. We don’t compete with our Channel Partners; we know our swim-lane and work to achieve the goals of our mutual clients.

Relationship Expansion

Hire Counsel allows our Channel Partner the ability to strengthen their relationship by supporting additional layers of the EDRM. We broaden our partner’s tool kit to be stronger in the industry.


Training and Support

We provide adequate training and support to effectively represent the products or services of the company. This includes providing our partner with the necessary tools, resources, and information to succeed. We have developed client specific and product specific playbooks to assist us in the support process. Additionally, we sponsor our team members in becoming certified in the partner tool or process.


An effective relationship requires a degree of flexibility from both parties. Adapting to changing circumstances and being open to new ideas and approaches is fundamental in this industry and some of our best outcomes were developed by expanding the boundaries.

Performance Metrics

It’s important to establish clear performance metrics to measure the success of the partnership. This includes tracking key performance indicators such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and lead generation.


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“The limitation of a big company is it’s tough to get anything approved and accomplished. Part of why I use Hire Counsel is they’re much faster on their feet and able to support in lots of different ways, creative ways, just deal-by-deal. That’s a major factor for me.”

Director of Managed Review, Channel Partner


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