A Long-Standing Collaboration Prospers

Joining Forces to Deliver

For more than 8 years we have been partnering with a global leader on projects that provide services and support to the U.S. government. Together, we have collaborated from the bid phase through project completion on multiple projects ranging in size and scope (with some ongoing for over 4 years) and all within highly regulated industries. With over 30 years of experience to draw from, our team of recruiters and project managers have worked quickly and efficiently to deliver results-focused legal staffing solutions nationally.

Evolving From Provider to Partner

What started as a limited-scope review, has evolved to a trusted partnership. Our full-service team supports all stages of projects and delivers legal staffing solutions including placement of law clerks, paralegals and foreign language specialists as well as conducting document reviews in our review centers.

Government agencies/divisions we service include but are not limited to:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Money Laundering and Asset Recovery
  • Office of Surgeon General
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Department of Justice
  • Health Care Programs Manual
  • Victim Compensation Fund

Compliance with Stringent Protocols

When vetting candidates from our database of over 50,000 attorneys, there are strict security clearance guidelines and qualifications for recruiting and onboarding legal staff.

To ensure expedient candidate placement we:

  • Vet attorneys with on-site clearance, across U.S.
  • Track candidates who have acquired public trust and/or security clearance in our recruiting software for immediate identification

In addition, the Federal Government performs regular on-site audits of our highly secure Document Review Centers.

Measurable Outcomes

We go way beyond the basics to deploy solutions that maximize return on investment and deliver measurable results time after time.

Ongoing partnership successes include:

  • Staffed over 70 projects across the U.S to-date
  • Vetted more than 245 highly qualified attorneys
  • Candidates vetted in compliance with strict government protocols
  • Controlling and reducing spend • Repeatable and defensible outcomes
  • On-site government audit approvals
  • A single source for results focused legal solutions

Partner With Us For Results That Are Anything but Ordinary