When a Second Request is issued the stakes are high. To comply, companies must review and analyze massive amounts of data with lightening speed.  Efficiency is essential, as Second Requests can be costly and disruptive to your organization.


Timeliness of Response

Hire Counsel has national scalability and flexibility to implement Second Requests anywhere, anytime. With a 96% staffing fill rate on Day 1 (vs. 64% industry average*), our team is ready when you need them.

Qualified Review Staff

Our deep pool of experienced candidates have significant experience in anti-trust and Second Request matters. And Hire Counsel Project Managers are attorneys in good standing and Certified E-Discovery Specialists.

Security Measures

Hire Counsel security protocols ensure your matter is kept confidential. From environmental controls and visitor management, to secure server connections and data system protection, our data control and security staff manages information and certifies that documents are secure and data is protected.

Defensible and Reliable Process

Hire Counsel’s project management, workflow, quality control and documentation processes are aimed at reducing risk to our clients and increasing output of the review team while also providing a defensible process on time and on budget.


The stakes were high when a Second Request required Hire Counsel to procure staff, technology and infrastructure in a single market within a week. We tapped our national database of 50,000 legal professionals to source a candidate pool of 1,500 experienced document reviewers. We employed more than 300 legal professionals, all of whom were prepared for work on time and within the client’s budget. Simultaneously, Hire Counsel acquired a 12,000 1 12,000 square foot review center, equipped it with state-ofthe art technology and software, and ensured that all security measures were in place. We stocked the office with supplies and amenities to make it a comfortable working environment for the review staff. The review center was open 7 days/week from 6am to midnight for several months to accommodate the large number of document reviewers.


Square-Foot Office

Required deployment in a fully-functional off-site review center


Weeks to Mobilization

Within 1 week, staff, security and space were mobilized and the review began on time


Vetted Professionals

Out of a candidate pool of 50,000 legal professionals, 300+ Second Request document reviewers were prepared and employed


Hours Per Day

The review center was open 18 hours per day, 7days/ week for several months