Hire Counsel was engaged to implement a large-scale document review that required the procurement of staff, technology, and infrastructure across 5 US cities in the South and Midwest. And it needed to be underway within 72 hours. Their dedicated, national team of recruiting, technology, and operations experts collaborated to execute the client request. The team’s decades of experience, vast resources, and proven process allowed Hire Counsel to meet the client’s need with precision, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Hire Counsel utilized their national database of more than 50,000 legal professionals to source a candidate pool of 1,500 professionals from 5 cities. More than 300 document reviewers were selected. All reviewers completed the thorough vetting and credentialing process, and met project qualifications and client criteria. Hire Counsel successfully prepared the reviewers for work and achieved on-time fill.

In order to accommodate the large number of document reviewers and national scope, Hire Counsel equipped each review center with state-of-the-art technology and software, ensuring that all security measures were in place. The centers were stocked with all the necessary supplies and amenities in order to provide a comfortable working environment for the review staff. Staff, locations, and technology were mobilized and the document review was underway within the first 72 hours. The review is estimated to last for 6 months. The cost value for the client is substantial. When comparing the Hire Counsel solution to a typical cost with related industry services, the client will save more than $1.1 million dollars.*