The impact of a worldwide pandemic, national civil unrest, and corporations amassing the greatest amount of debt since World War II, has set the stage for an inevitable, and possibly unprecedented, surge in bankruptcy filings in the coming months.

If you, or someone you know, are faced with a bankruptcy proceeding due to these factors, you are not alone. Successful restructuring is possible if you act fast. Here is what you need to know, and how we can help.

Our Legal System Could be Overwhelmed, Making Restructuring Even Harder.
The New York Times recently reported that 2020 will likely set a record for so-called mega bankruptcies – identified as companies with $1 billion or more in debt. Thousands of bankruptcy filings are expected, as US company’s debts as of Q1 exceeded $10.5 trillion.1

This tidal wave of bankruptcies will certainly place an additional burden on our already taxed legal system, creating an even greater urgency for companies to act quickly. Fast action ensures the greatest advantage at restructuring and emerging from bankruptcy.

We have the Talent and Resources to Help Assemble a Team for Bankruptcy Filings– Quickly, Efficiently and Cost-Effectively.

We can help build teams for bankruptcy preparation, including planning, data organization and tagging, document review, data abstraction, and summarizations that ensure the best defensible outcomes and the minimization of creditor committee objections. If a law firm partner is required, we can provide that introduction.