Reliance on a single provider offering bundled services – legal staffing and technology combined – may pose a significant risk to the successful outcome of your case.

1. Impartial Relationships Reduce the Potential for Mistakes and Inefficiencies
Working with a single, bundled service provider to supply both staffing and technology for your document review comes with the risk they will excel in one area more than another. Alternatively, when you work with  several suppliers that each deliver on their core competency your review is inherently protected with checks and balances. Hire Counsel works rigorously with clients to understand their discovery needs, so we can optimize document review efficiencies that will increase the output of the review team and reduce the risk to our clients. We develop solutions that meet – and often exceed – our clients desired outcomes.
2. Clearly Defined Costs Let You Know Exactly What You Are Paying For
With bundled pricing, it is not always clear what is driving specific costs. Nor is it clear that the client is saving any money. While technology clearly drives efficiencies, the single supplier of bundled services has no incentive to reduce the review population and limit associated staffing costs. On the other hand, Hire Counsel provides contract staffing services only. Our professional document reviewers work on any technology platform, and our approach is designed to drive efficiencies throughout the review process.
3. Speed and Scalability for an Expanding Volume of Work
When you find the right mix of contract legal staffing services and IT resources that meet your eDiscovery needs, you want to be able to replicate the process at scale. You also want to make sure your document review provider has enough room to accommodate a project as it grows or requires a different geography. Hire Counsel has a deep national footprint, with 12 recruiting offices and 7 dedicated document review centers strategically located in major hubs across the US. And Hire Counsel document reviews are up and running 30% faster than other staffing companies*.
A Bundled Service Company’s Biased Perspective Leads to Unnecessary Expense
A bundled services company that provides both IT services and managed document review recently proclaimed average review rates of 90 documents per hour. Since the vendor was handling both the technology and review services, they had no incentive to reduce the data set – the more documents to review the better. This meant the document review team was coding large quantities of wildly unresponsive documents. And their client was paying for unnecessary review services. In this documented case, the client paid 14% more than they would have with a single staffing resource.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bundled is not always better. The bundled services company reviewed more documents than needed.
  • Savings are realized with the right expertise.

Increase your success and reduce your risk, with our scalable and flexible solutions, that will drive efficiencies and deliver exceptional results for your next document review. 

*Bullhorn 2018 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report: The Industry’s Outlook for 2018