Staff Your Managed Document Review for Success

The Project: Patent Infringement Case

An AmLaw 100 law firm retained Hire Counsel to handle a managed document review project for a patent infringement case.


  • Quick Turnaround – Production deadline in 1 month 
  • Large-Scale Document Review Team – 95 vetted and prepared attorneys
  • Proficient & Accurate Review – 65 million documents, coded for 11 issues plus privilege
  • Reliable Project Estimates – A fixed project budget left no room for overages


Advanced analytics, machine learning and skilled project management produced highly targeted, defensible results.

On Time

Accurate predictions allowed for successfully meeting project scope and timeline

50% Document Reduction

Using advanced analytics, volume of review documents was significantly minimized

Crucial Evidence Discovered

Early in the case by leveraging continuous machine learning

65% Lower Cost

Much lower than expected by client


The short timeline necessitated a sizeable review team proficient in eDiscovery technology, and the client’s fixed budget made accurate and reliable project estimates essential.

Our Project Management team estimated the scope and run rate, calculating efficiency gains with analytics and machine learning into their project proposal. This enabled delivery of a project price that was 65 percent lower than the client had expected.

Using the client’s desired technology platform, the team deployed advanced analytics to generate targeted batches of documents. As the documents were coded and the eDiscovery team became more familiar with the case, the software’s machine learning capabilities refined the batches, regularly suggesting documents that were likely to be relevant for review. In addition, our Review Managers leveraged machine learning to help QC and verify coding consistency across the project.

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