Unpredictable Legal Needs Call for A Long-Term Strategy

Client Challenge

Our client, a Fortune 500 financial services company that generates $10.5 billion in revenue, experienced an unexpected influx of technology contracts and was in need of interim attorneys to provide strategic support and high-level expertise. Specifically, they needed attorneys who were available on a contract basis and who specialized in drafting, reviewing and negotiating technology contracts such as software licenses, service agreements, task orders and NDA’s. 


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel met with the client’s key stakeholders and was able to put in place a long term strategy utilizing our Specialized Project Attorneys for their Legal Department as well as their Contracts Management Department. Hire Counsel was able to quickly identify a rich pool of qualified attorneys who were available on a part-time and as-needed basis, providing the client with talent options. Our candidates remained flexible by working on-site or remotely and providing support during unexpected workflows and attorney vacations and absences.



  • Flexibility & Headcount Management: The client did not have enough steady work to hire permanent attorneys or to guarantee 40 hours per week. Bringing in our Specialized Project Attorneys from Hire Counsel allowed them to more effective manage their workflows by being able to bring in top talent on a part-time, as-needed basis. There were also able to provide support during employee vacations, resignations, or unexpected absences for their full time staff easily.
  • Seamless Transition.  Hire Counsel identified highly qualified Specialized Project Attorneys of equal caliber of the client’s internal attorneys, allowing them to blend well with the existing team and utilize their expertise to add value.
  • Evaluation of Full-Time Hires: After several months on the engagement, the client was able to extend an offer of full-time employment to one of the Hire Counsel candidates.
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