Your Experienced, Proven and Successful Managed Document Review Partner

Hire Counsel’s Managed Document Review solution is a streamlined, time-sensitive approach to discovery, with a powerful engine that drives the process end-to-end, providing for transparency, defensibility, control and best in class results.

Experienced Project Management Team

Project Managers lead managed review engagements ensuring quality, timeliness, efficiency and communication

  • Assess workflows and engage with AI tools as required
  • Attorneys in good standing, ACEDS certified with many possessing certifications in various technologies

Proven Approach

  • Scalable, customized services to match your working style, your locations, your data platforms, your budget and your timetable
  • Modular services, providing end-to-end or selected service components
  • Best in class review professionals fully dedicated to your project
  • QC-ing at both first and second levels to ensure production and results are defensible and progress is accurately tracked
  • Comprehensive, efficient management providing one point of contact for all aspects of your projects – both substantive and administrative – no matter where they are located or what services Hire Counsel is providing
  • A pricing structure that insures predictability, staying within budget yet delivering best in class results

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Proven Project Managers

Our onsite, CEDS certified project managers employ practical strategies and customized workflows to deliver accurate, measurable results that adhere to tight timelines and budgets as well as expanding teams.

Expertise includes:

  • Tracking productivity
  • Optimizing workflow
  • Detailed daily metrics reporting
  • Training
  • Oversight

Our project managers use structured analytics to search for data reduction opportunities, repeatable processes, and custom QC protocols to ensure quality, accuracy, and efficiency. We are technology-agnostic, which means we can collaborate with any vendor and use any technology platform preferred by our client.