Best Practices That Drive Your Path to eDiscovery Success

Hire Counsel has measured and analyzed the effectiveness of thousands of approaches to eDiscovery, enabling us to provide unique eDiscovery consulting and best practices that are applicable to clients with varying eDiscovery needs and complexities.

Our services are based on detailed knowledge of the technologies and the people who have succeeded in delivering process efficiencies and cost savings to our clients over many years.

Litigation Readiness

Although eDiscovery technology is advancing rapidly, it is being outpaced by the exponential growth of data. To keep eDiscovery budgets stable, law firms and corporations must attack the problem proactively.

Corporations mitigate risk with a strategic litigation readiness plan in place. While each client and case has a different risk profile, Hire Counsel offers a 5-step methodology that draws on best practices from our years of experience and inevitably leads to dramatic cost savings—and a better work product.

The Hire Counsel litigation readiness methodology covers:

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Advanced Process Design
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Low Cost Review

Data Analysis and Reduction

Getting to the right data quickly and efficiently is key to a successful discovery process.  Our Advisory Services’ Incident Response Team members are experts at best of breed advanced technologies, utilizing analytics and processes to rapidly identify and dissect the potentially relevant data that counsel will need. Through data mining and analysis, we can slice and dice the data in a defensible and repeatable manner, utilizing statistical sampling methodologies and validation processes that provide our clients with confidence.

Discovery Spend Management

In 2002, 95% of eDiscovery collections were comprised of paper-based processes. Now, paper makes up less than 1% of any regular collection. Law firms and corporations benefit from a clear understanding of the best ways to leverage e-discovery technologies and vendors to lower the cost of the entire process.

The first step to control the process is to measure its output. We employ a simple and intuitive methodology for determining your costs in a unit price, making like comparisons possible. Once the cost of eDiscovery is narrowed down to a simple unit price, it is possible to evaluate the work product and results with an understanding of the true value that was delivered.

There are three major components to this type of eDiscovery consulting advisory engagement:

  • Component Spend Analysis
  • Component Work Product Review
  • Value Based Ranking and Recommendations

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Review Center Development

Hire Counsel Review Centers answer our client’s needs for immediate infrastructure and scalability.  Each center is designed to promote successful engagements with our clients through our state-of-the art facilities, technology and real time logistical and subject matter support.

We are adept at building Review Centers on a per project basis and for enterprise solutions creating a captive facility dedicated to your needs. Using our best-in-class processes and protocols, our goal is to establish a review center that produces stellar results on your behalf.

Coupled with our human capital solutions, our Review Centers change the ways our clients do business.

Specific areas of advisement include:

  • Ratio of Permanent to Temporary Staff
  • Talent Selection and Development
  • On-Boarding and Training Procedures
  • Managed Review Process
  • Estimating and Pricing Managed Review Services
  • Measuring Effectiveness and Reporting
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Integration of Advanced Technologies

Project Management and Staff Attorney Program Development

Hire Counsel has significant experience developing Project Managers and Staff Attorney departments for our clients to ensure effective processes exist within an organization, from identifying talent all the way through running cases.

We engage in a collaborative process with our clients to jointly identify and develop a program that will support eDiscovery throughout the organization. Our comprehensive managed review solution delivers streamlined, collaborative workflows, from project management and cost containment, to discovery procedures, review metrics, and reporting. We integrate the appropriate people, processes, and technologies needed to help minimize the cost, risk and burden of eDiscovery.

Our holistic approach sets us apart from our competitors because we design your program based upon both your firm’s culture and needs and Hire Counsel’s proven best-in-class Managed Review processes.

Technology Assisted Review Process Development

Hire Counsel is technologically agnostic. We have worked with every major advanced review platform, we are uniquely qualified to advise upon and execute a selected platform to deliver defensible, best in class work product. There is no single right fit for every case or client. Yet, there are technologies and approaches that deliver huge cost savings and can improve the quality of the work product if managed correctly.

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Training Program Development

Our eDiscovery consulting and training programs help review teams understand what tactics work and why. While most review platform training focuses on short term goals, we focus on long term development of review assets. 

We develop effective eDiscovery training programs and materials to accompany your program. Better training, that includes enterprise value analysis, improves the value you can deliver in the near term and in the long term.