Managed Review

Hire Counsel Managed Review is a streamlined, time-sensitive approach to discovery with a powerful engine that drives the process end-to-end, providing transparency, defensibility, control and best in class results.

  • Scalable, customized services to match your working style, your locations, your data platforms, your budget and your timetable
  • Modular services, providing end-to-end or selected service components
  • Best in class review professionals fully dedicated to your project
  • QC-ing at both first and second levels to ensure production and results are defensible and progress is accurately tracked
  • Comprehensive, efficient management providing one point of contact for all aspects of your projects – both substantive and administrative – no matter where they are located or what services Hire Counsel is providing
  • A pricing structure that insures predictability, staying within budget yet delivering best in class results

Today, any client requiring document review needs the ability to draw upon one provider that can service any and all aspects of the entire discovery process, delivering on time, on budget, best in class results while still maintaining control, defensibility and predictability. Hire Counsel is the singe-source provider of eDiscovery solutions giving clients a transparent model to select any of its services.

We want you to know we are continuing to service our clients, safely and securely.

As we have continued our work over the last few months, we have been adapting our processes to accommodate the required changes that ensure the well being of our employees and clients. We have been constantly and closely monitoring the situation in order to make informed decisions that will allow us to begin the process of adjusting to a new order of business.
Project Management

Hire Counsel Project Managers keep reviews running on time and on budget with best-in-class results.

Our Project Management Team is available for the entire litigation life-cycle from early matter assessment through production.  Project Managers offer a particular expertise in designing and executing customized workflows and reporting that ensure a defensible, best in class work product.

Hire Counsel Project Managers are flexible to work with clients both on and off-site and to provide total managed review solutions or basic support, all under the care and control of the client.

Project Management solutions are designed to fit your needs on a case by case basis always delivering defensible, best-in-class results that are on time and on budget.

Document Review Centers

Our seven dedicated document review centers are custom designed to meet the needs of today’s new legal market. From simple discovery to the most sophisticated and comprehensive issue analysis, with an extensive range of foreign language capabilities, our Centers are designed to house any size review and deliver high value results, each and every time.  Located conveniently for both clients and our employees, each center has 24/7/365 temperature control and swipe-card access and our own state-of-the-art IT hardware with the most powerful high speed Internet available, affording clients complete security and control of their data. We provide fully furnished, comfortable, well-lit review rooms, private conference rooms, offices and separate eating and break areas for a highly professional work place environment.  Each center is staffed by our own full time employees, working on-site daily to assist and provide complete quality control, ensuring high-value results.

Managed Review Case Studies