eDiscovery Solutions

Hire Counsel’s eDiscovery solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs for today’s new legal economy. Whether you require end-to-end eDiscovery support or assistance with one or two elements, Hire Counsel’s dedicated review professionals and comprehensive approach ensures transparent and defensible results, delivered on time and on budget. Hire Counsel covers identification and preservation; collection, culling, processing, and hosting; staffing, housing and performing the review; review analysis and reporting; and final hand off of review production.

To accommodate your organization’s dynamic needs, we provide a full range of eDiscovery services to make your document review a success.

We want you to know we are continuing to service our clients, safely and securely.

As we have continued our work over the last few months, we have been adapting our processes to accommodate the required changes that ensure the well being of our employees and clients. We have been constantly and closely monitoring the situation in order to make informed decisions that will allow us to begin the process of adjusting to a new order of business.
Document Review Case Studies