Corporate Transactions

Hire Counsel’s Corporate Transaction division sources and provides law firms and corporations sophisticated professionals who have experience working with large and small corporate transactions.

If your company is involved in a corporate transaction that will either change your delivery model or result in an acquisition, divestiture or change in control, it will require additional legal resources to ensure a smooth transaction and post-transition implementation. This can be an expensive and all-consuming effort that takes you away from the core corporate and legal day-to-day services needed to effectively run your business.

Our workforce is skilled at all phases of document-intensive corporate transactions, from early due diligence to closing and post transactional integration. Hire Counsel can build you a full team or simply bring qualified individuals who can either work the whole lifecycle or specialize in a particular phase of a corporate deal, no matter how straightforward or complex. In all cases, we bring cost-effective people with the right experience into each transaction.

Corporate Transactions Capabilities

  • Corporate and M&A Specialists:  Hire Counsel has unique access to seasoned attorneys and transactional specialists who have deep experience working corporate deals from start to finish, at both law firms and corporations. These individuals can play a central role in assuring all steps are met during each transaction and that the deal is proceeding within regulator guidelines, while providing counsel and management with accurate progress reporting involving all parties of the deal. description of #1
  • Due Diligence:  For years Hire Counsel has assisted companies performing due diligence for acquisitions, divestitures or change of control events.  We can bring a range of specialists to the due diligence process, from technology experts to contracts administrators, to experienced attorneys able to assess risk and revenue opportunities leading up to deal. Hire Counsel can provide qualified individuals or we can assemble the deal room with all the right project management in place.
  • Post-transaction integration: Post-closing, Hire Counsel can provide specialists to assist your company with the task of normalizing and integrating the legal and commercial documentation of the new or enhanced corporate entity, all without distracting your legal team’s focus from its day-to-day business obligations.
  • HSR and Antitrust: Hire Counsel has long sourced and put to work attorneys with vast experience organizing, drafting and filing Hart-Scott-Rodino documentation. An FTC Second Request can sometimes result from a pending merger, and Hire Counsel’s managed review team efficiently handles these requests with the lowest possible cost impact to the deal.
Corporate Transactions Case Studies