Quality Assurance Delivered Early Generating Cost Savings

Client Problem

Our client was facing an immovable two week deadline and needed over 13,000 lines of data with approximately 100,000 cells, analyzed and validated.  A large volume of paper documents added further complexity to the work plan and concerns over a previous reconciliation contributed to the challenge.  The results had to be error free in order to be utilized for trial materials.


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel’s database specialists developed a fool-proof plan for reconciliation that relied upon both automation and human oversight and quality assurance.  Upon customizing the solution, Hire Counsel tested the process with the client and once the process was approved, Hire Counsel was able to implement the process for the entire data set to yield the required results.



Hire Counsel delivered the report to our client two days ahead of schedule, generating additional cost savings and relieving concerns over previous difficulties on the project. The report itself was error free and representative of best-in-class quality that the Client required in order to leverage the materials for XXX .The newly developed process was then available for future work of this nature.

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