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Our results focused approach goes way beyond the basics to ensure successful outcomes. Lock in your legal staffing solution and rates for next year!


Our onsite, CEDS certified project managers employ practical strategies and customized workflows to deliver accurate, measurable results that adhere to tight timelines and budgets as well as expanding teams.

Expertise includes:

  • Tracking productivity
  • Optimizing workflow
  • Detailed daily metrics reporting
  • Training
  • Oversight

Our project managers use structured analytics to search for data reduction opportunities, repeatable processes, and custom QC protocols to ensure quality, accuracy, and efficiency. We are technology-agnostic, which means we can collaborate with any vendor and use any technology platform preferred by our client.


We recruit experienced and highly vetted attorneys who are fully dedicated to your project, regardless of language, complexity, scope, and duration. 

Our national database consists of legal professionals who have undergone Hire Counsel’s rigorous recruiting and credentialing process. Many of our attorneys have worked in top Am Law 100-200 law firms or specialized boutique firms, served in-house at Fortune 500 companies, or held high level government positions.


When legal departments experience changes in staff, deadlines, work volume, and work scope, Hire Counsel has the ideal solution. Our Specialized Project Attorneys provide specific expertise and on-demand support for sophisticated legal projects. They work on a contract basis to help your team tackle its workload challenges, meet deadlines, accomplish goals, and maximize ROI. They are available as an individual or as a customized team, and can work onsite at a client location, at a Hire Counsel work space, or remotely.

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