Meeting the Demands of Multi-Lingual Document Reviews

Client Challenge

A global law firm representing international clients required contract attorneys proficient in numerous languages for document review projects taking place throughout the United States. The law firm sought a US-based, national, unified resource with offices in markets across the country to act as their single point of contact to source, identify and qualify multi-lingual contract attorneys. Further, the law firm required the contract attorneys to be located in local markets around the US, working from facilities provided by the review management provider.


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel developed and implemented a program that offered the company:

  • Access to a large pool of qualified contract attorneys fluent in applicable languages who had undergone language proficiency legal analysis testing across the nation to support the law firm’s local needs – a pool proficient in over 45 languages and dialects
  • Extensive knowledge of markets for sourcing multi-lingual contract attorneys at the most cost-effective rates
  • A fixed-price markup and uniform review process nationwide
  • Effective management coordination by a single point of contact to oversee the development of the review team for each specific matter
  • Efficient set-up and administration of turnkey discovery review centers supplied with all IT setups



Hire Counsel’s streamlined, efficient, comprehensive approach made a significant impact on the client. The law firm now uses Hire Counsel’s services, document review sites and IT setups for all their reviews needing 10+ multi-lingual contract attorneys. In addition, they frequently incorporate Hire Counsel’s services into their own proposals for future business with global clients.