Enlist a Prepared Team with a Winning Playbook.

It takes a well-practiced team and a solid playbook to find the gold in those document dumps. Our talented Managed Document Review team will quickly find the critical evidence you need, fully documented for defensibility, on time AND on budget – for the WIN!

Move 30% Faster.

Quickly assemble an on-demand legal team that can ensure quality and accuracy.

Your document review projects are up and running faster as a result of:

  • Our people-centered focus which gives us immediate access to qualified talent, familiar with the process and protocols required, allowing us to scale up quickly.
  • Project managers with the experience to identify the right technology to get the project done quickly and cost-effectively.

Save Money and Ensure Defensible Results.

You can expect:

  • A pricing structure that insures predictability and the ability to stay within budget
  • Your project to be staffed with fully dedicated, best in class review professionals 
  • QC-ing at first and second levels to ensure production and results are defensible and progress is accurately tracked
  • One point of contact for all aspects of your project – both substantive and administrative – no matter where the project is located or what services are being provided
  • Comprehensive, efficient management

Ensure Quality.

Project managers lead managed review engagements ensuring quality, timeliness, efficiency and communication by:

  • Assessing workflows and engaging with AI tools as required. We are technology-agnostic, which means we can collaborate with any vendor and use any technology platform you choose. 
  • Hiring attorneys in good standing who are ACEDS certified, and have certifications in various technologies

Maintain Flexibility.

  • Our scalable, customized services will match your working style, your locations, your data platforms, your budget and your timetable
  • You choose modular services that provide end-to-end or selected service components

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