Interim General Counsel Fills Critical Gap During Government Audit

Client Challenge

Our client, a not-for-profit healthcare provider with more than 6,500 employees, was undergoing a government audit and investigation and was in search of an interim General Counsel.  Specifically, they needed candidates with strong experience in hospital/physician contracting, including employment and practice acquisition, as well as expertise in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse laws, including Anti-kickback and Stark Laws. The client required immediate help and was unable to identify a full-time hire in an abbreviated time frame. Adding to the complexity, the healthcare organization was located in a small legal market, making it even more difficult to find candidates with the healthcare and compliance experience required.


Hire Counsel Solution

Using our vast candidate database and referral network, Hire Counsel quickly identified a plethora of qualified candidates with a high level of experience in the areas the client required for an in-house counsel in the healthcare field.  The candidates were an integral part of the client’s project and needed to work onsite at the client’s headquarters.  They agreed to temporarily relocate for the duration of the project and we secured housing for them, ensuring the optimal situation for both our client and candidates.



  • Access to Nationwide Talent: Through Hire Counsel the client was able to have access to several candidates nationwide who would not have been available to them in their local market.
  • Interim Solution Flexibility: By bringing candidates onboard on an interim basis, the client was able to manage their government audit as well as help their legal department service and grow the organization.
  • Cost Savings: The client saved 55% on billing rates from their outside counsel by using a well-qualified interim candidates in-house.
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