Here's What We're Seeing

It is a highly active time in our industry. Corporate America and law firms alike, have become more reliant on Hire Counsel for legal staffing needs that span the country.

Insight 1 - Building and presenting your culture is critical in a candidate-driven market!

  • Competition is fierce. Your company’s culture is your unique identity that differentiates you in a highly competitive market.
  • There are more than 10,000 open positions in legal, nationally.
  • There has been a 106% increase overall in open positions since last year.
  • Culture is a magnet that will help you keep top talent and allow for sustained growth.

Insight 2 - The process is driving placement and flexibility is the name of the game!

  • Develop a clearly defined interview process.
  • Outline the position and budget. Having a plan will allow you to close candidates faster.
  • Don’t rely on compensation alone. Be flexible and consider incentives like ongoing professional development and work/life balance.

Insight 3 - The need for speed is palpable!

  • The hiring timeline has significantly decreased with companies delivering offers same day or within 48 hours for highly sought-after roles. Companies who don’t move quickly are losing candidates.
  • Ensuring you have an expedient process in place will help you outpace your competition.
  • Staffing gaps are being filled by temporary resources due to the competitive environment for hiring full-time staff and an increase in the need for specialized attorneys.

Get in the game with Hire Counsel's National Legal Workforce!

We recently placed qualified legal professionals from coast to coast in locations like the bayous of Louisiana, the bustling city of New York and the rocky coast of Oregon, to name a few.

Your city could be next!

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