High Growth Litigation Boutique Extends Staff Capability

Client Challenge

Our client, a boutique law firm experiencing rapid growth in a highly focused litigation and arbitration niche, required immediate attorney support to meet expanding workloads in its drafting and motion practice. Cyclical surges in projected attorney utilization coupled with the minimal availability of client human resource and project management resources required a flexible yet predictable staffing program and supporting economic model. The client needed on-demand managed staff available under a subscription-based billing model.

Hire Counsel Solution

Leveraging its expertise in developing and supporting attorney staffing programs to meet a broad range of client needs within specific budgetary constraints, Hire Counsel proposed a unique managed staffing program. The proposed program would provide access to expert attorney talent and also remove the management overhead typically associated with externally staffing by providing program administrative and task management oversight. The proposal also included a subscription-based pricing model that would allow the client to forecast with precision the monthly costs related to staff augmentation. The client accepted the innovative proposed approach and Hire Counsel began to translate planning into action.

Within two weeks of the initial request, Hire Counsel interviewed, evaluated, and provided the client with five attorneys with extensive expertise in drafting and motions. This immediate and expert support allowed the client to meet its workload requirements on time and budget for the duration of a twelve-month project. The unique managed staffing program provided by Hire Counsel now is a model regularly used by the client to balance its high growth driven staff augmentation needs with the need for administrative and economic efficiency.


  • Unique Model Delivers Predictable Results: Hire Counsel’s innovative managed staffing program and model economic approach allowed the client to complete the initial twelve-month project on budget and without an increase in administrative or managerial support.
  • Quality Support Provides Permanent Results: Based on the success of the expert attorney support supplied by Hire Counsel, the client opportunistically converted these temporary resources to permanent hires which allowed for careful and strategic firm growth.