FCPA and AML Investigations with the Department of Justice

Client Challenge

Our client, a large government contractor, supports the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) which regularly conducts large-scale Foreign Corruption Practice Practices Act (FCPA) and Ant-Money Laundering (AML) investigations in support of the federal government. With a workflow approaching 400+ cases, the client was interested in evaluating outside investigation support to supplement their in-house investigation teams. Given the nature of FCPA and AML investigations, the client required a large multi-lingual attorney team with previous investigatory experience. The hope of the DOJ was that the outsourced investigation team would not only provide short-term support for a single pilot project but that the team would become a permanent part of DOJ available resources for FCPA and AML investigations.

Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel worked with our Client to identify the goals for a pilot program and the strategy to provide a long-term legal business solution for this increasingly complex legal activity. For the pilot program, we identified multi-lingual attorneys with the required FCPA and AML investigation experience and appropriate security clearances. Hire Counsel then interviewed, selected, and deployed a large team of more than twenty qualified lawyers to engage with the DOJ to support an investigation and simultaneously to determine the long-term feasibility of outsourced investigation teams. The attorney team provided by Hire Counsel enabled the DOJ to meet its immediate need for short-term investigation support and also validated the outsourced investigation approach. This validation resulted in the expansion of the outsourced investigation program and the regular support of the DOJ by Hire Counsel.


  • Pilot Project Success Exceeds Expectations: Given the extensive qualification requirements and the sensitive nature of investigations, the DOJ cautiously approached the outsourcing pilot project with guarded expectations. With the assistance of Hire Counsel and in combination with our Client, the DOJ was able to complete the pilot investigation project with outstanding results.
  • A Project Becomes a Program: Based on the success of the pilot investigation project, the DOJ expanded its outsourced investigation team approach with Hire Counsel process and talent. Today this expansion continues to provide additional proven resources for the DOJ to use in support of federal government directed FCPA and AML investigations.