Enterprise Solution for Global Research Firm

Client Problem 

Our client, a Fortune 200 company, was seeking an enterprise solution that would leverage best in class service on-demand and allow its internal staff to focus on complex economic and legal analysis.  The work assignments would require immediate turnaround on a variety of tasks requiring total accuracy.  The needs would come from case teams throughout their domestic offices.  To meet procurement expectations, a fixed fee model that delivered total precession was essential.


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel conducted a needs analysis with the client and undertook a serious vetting process, including high level security.  A team of professionals was assigned to deliver solutions on an ongoing basis, and were trained in the client’s protocols over a series of months.  This core team then developed and customized a series of work flows in conjunction with the client to deliver results.  Through this protocol, Hire Counsel relies on a core group of trained contract professionals that flex on demand to meet deadlines.



Hire Counsel created an enterprise business solution uniquely designed to support this client’s high volume on-demand activity with best-in-class results at competitive pricing.

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