Out of the Box Approach.
Box Review Solutions that are Anything but Ordinary.

Have you ever had that daunting feeling when discovery requires a review of paper documents stored in cardboard boxes somewhere offsite?

We’re here to change that.

From locating and hauling boxes, to indexing, coding and scanning paper files, box review logistics can seem overwhelming, especially when compared to modern e-Discovery methods.

While the way we review documents has changed, every effective document review – of paper or electronic files – requires the right legal talent, in the right place, at the right time, following the right process to ensure repeatable and defensible results.

Law firms, corporations and government organizations trust Hire Counsel to help them develop the right solution to get the information they need out of box reviews with staffing solutions and project management expertise that optimize efficiencies.

Delivering Efficient and Effective Box Reviews: 3 Powerful Case Studies

Hire Counsel has the resources and processes to provide the right solution to meet even your most formidable document review needs – anywhere, anytime. All Hire Counsel services are aimed at reducing risk to clients and increasing output of the review team while also providing a defensible process on time and on budget.

Project Management, Workflow Optimization and Reporting – Hire Counsel project managers work directly with the client’s delivery team to plan logistics, manage productivity, ensure performance and deliver daily reporting.

National Footprint – With a national footprint, Hire Counsel can source multiple markets simultaneously and set up review facilities anywhere. We’ll mobilize quickly to meet the discovery needs for your specific case.

Proprietary Candidate Database & Search Methods – Allows for quick identification and qualification of the candidates with the required skills for a box review, so you get the right level of contractor for the work at hand.

Product Liability Litigation: National Healthcare Organization

Our client faced product liability litigation which necessitated a review of thousands of boxes of paper documents at five storage facilities around the country. Rather than using in-house employees, they turned to Hire Counsel as a cost-effective solution to staff and manage the review process. Out of a talent pool 50,000 strong, we mobilized a team of 100 document review professionals to index, code and scan the contents of 60,000 boxes of paper files.


Boxes of Documents






Pages of

Outcome: Review was completed on time and under budget, client has re-engaged for additional projects.

Recent Box Review Projects
You Can Trust Us To Make It Happen For You.

Environmental and Construction Litigation: Public Entity

A public entity involved in environmental and construction litigation, engaged Hire Counsel to locate specific documents in 1,500 boxes containing files dating back up to 100 years. We successfully completed both level one and level two box reviews, as well as box management for this project. The Hire Counsel project management team set up facilities, identified processes, oversaw quality control and managed the communication flow between the contract team and attorney supervisors.


Boxes of Documents


Years of


Pages of

Outcome: Project delivered successfully and the next review is on the horizon.

Personal Injury Litigation: Local Government Agency

A local government agency was involved in a personal injury lawsuit that required a physical review of 1,600 boxes of paper files from two offsite storage facilities. They engaged Hire Counsel to review, index and re-box the documents, many of which dated back over 50 years. The Hire Counsel Project Management team coordinated all logistics, including secure pickup, delivery and review of the boxes from various locations.


Boxes of Documents





Outcome: Success led to request for on-going support from the Hire Counsel team.

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