Contracts Administration for a Fortune 100 Biotechnology Company

Client Challenge

A Fortune 100 Biotechnology Company needed experienced contracts administrators to assist their contracts, procurements and operations legal department on a full-time basis to cope with an unanticipated increase of new drug research and marketing agreements. Specifically, they needed all levels of contracts specialist for document management, negotiation, redlining and drafting of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, managed care and clinical trials agreements that included multiple GSAs, SOWs and NDAs.


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel met with the client and was able to develop and put in place a rapid response long-term strategy that leveraged the transferable legal skills of attorneys and paralegals by using those skills throughout our client’s multiple contracts administration departments. Hire Counsel quickly identified qualified candidates who were available long term and possessed a perfect blend of legal expertise, contracts experience and top notch interpersonal skills to slot seamlessly into the multiple contracts administration roles that our client needed filled quickly. Our candidates were able to work efficiently alongside our client’s employees to absorb the increased workflow and continue to meet and exceed deadlines and performance targets.



Real Time Solutions Management: Prior to engaging Hire Counsel the client did not use a vendor supplier that specialized in legal recruiting and often worked with non-legal vendor suppliers with uneven success rates. Bringing in a specialized legal vendor supplier like Hire Counsel allowed them to more effectively fill positions in less time, allowing optimal management of their workflows because they could efficiently acquire the right people when needed by taking advantage of Hire Counsel’s contracts administration recruiting expertise.

Evaluation of Hires: After several months of engagement, the client was able to extend full-time employment offers and existing contract extensions to numerous Hire Counsel contractors, some of whom are now managing key departments in the contracts, procurements and operations legal department and business development unit.