Contract Professionals 101: Effective guidance for building effective document review teams

Client Challenge

Faced with a looming deadline to review and produce massive discovery, and with no prior experience working with contract attorneys, the client was looking to partner with a review management provider who had the experience to counsel them on the process end to end. They needed a team that could educate first-time users to work effectively with contract employees – a team that would be present throughout the document review project to insure their review was conducted on time, on budget, with superior legal staffing.


Hire Counsel Solution

As we do with all first-time users, the Hire Counsel team conducted a pre-project planning session with the client to identify the critical factors that would make this project a success. We quickly determined that a team of mature legal professionals, skilled in privilege review and experienced in matters involving city governments, was needed to work along side associates and partners on the matter. Our proprietary search methods and our staffing methodology impressed the client and we were hired to source and place the needed contract attorneys at the firm.

Because of their high caliber, these individuals were able to immediately understand the firm’s strategy for the matter and meshed quickly into the associate team. The firm’s supervising attorneys found our contract attorneys to be highly professional and motivated, requiring minimal supervision. The firm extended their relationship with our contract attorneys for a 12-month period, utilizing their skills on numerous matters.



When the last project was completed, the firm’s co-counsel on the matter – who had not been using contract attorneys – asked our client to recommend a firm placing contract attorneys. As testimony to the Hire Counsel team’s effectiveness, our client recommended Hire Counsel to co-counsel and co-counsel hired the Hire Counsel team for their upcoming document review.

Managed Review Case Studies