Contract Management Overload? We Got This!


Our client, a worldwide growth equity law firm with a leading investment practice, needed an attorney with vendor contract experience, specifically for hotels, restaurants, information technology vendors, and consulting companies. Additionally, the ideal attorney would have their own private practice and a proven track record of consulting clients on vendor contract legal matters.


Hire Counsel Solution

Hire Counsel worked closely with the client to understand their legal team’s structure and challenges. Our Recruiters then conducted a highly targeted talent search, which resulted in a shortlist of potential candidates for our client’s consideration. As part of the client’s stringent multi-step selection process, which we facilitated, each candidate was required to draft a sample vendor contract for review.

We identified and hired an exceptional attorney who fulfilled all the client’s requirements and had strong vendor contract management expertise. After one week of acclimating and working onsite with the client, our attorney provided support from their own private practice and continues to work with our client today.



Time Saved:  Within 3 months of the initial discussion with our client, Hire Counsel was able to complete the full process recruiting process and onboard the attorney.

Money Saved:  Hire Counsel’s solution allowed our client to save $55 per hour and maximize ROI.

Optimized Legal Team:  By outsourcing legal support, our client’s General Counsel was able to free up time to work on other substantive legal matters, which translates into increased productivity, efficiency, workload balance, and optimized resource utilization in the legal team.

Key Takeaway:  Outsourced Legal Support Can Be a Valuable Resource for Your Legal Team!

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