Here Are Our Top 3 Takeaways

So many important topics were discussed in the sessions and between colleagues at CLOC. Legal ops departments are being challenged every day, to be more productive, complete projects quicker, and evaluate and establish relevant measurement tracking.

Top 3 CLOC Takeaways

1. No matter where your company is in the Maturity Model, everyone needs more people.

  • You may need temporary support while you build your legal team.
  • The growing compliance, data privacy, and security requirements are increasing the demand for specialized project attorneys to help manage the volume.

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2. There is rising demand to outline KPIs that measure value and track trends.

  • Departments are being asked to reduce outside counsel spending and costs overall.
  • There is a call to understand the total cost of services (inside and outside), budget-to-actual total spend analysis, and more.

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3. You should develop a strategic initiative plan to provide a clear vision for your department’s success.

  • Legal ops workloads are expanding. Evaluating your department’s needs for dedicated legal ops specialists, litigation support, and increasing staff efficiency is tantamount.
  • Technology solutions are becoming more sophisticated giving companies the ability to improve processes, project performance, and lower costs overall.

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