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Quickly Scaled a Complex Managed Document Review

An Am Law 100 firm was working on a complex white-collar criminal matter that included the review of detailed engineering summaries. A request for a managed document review team came in on a Sunday during the holidays. Hire Counsel delivered the on-demand, qualified legal team required for the complex project, in two days.

Position(s) to Staff

95 Contract Attorneys, 1 Project Manager

Need: Quickly Scaling a Team

Hire Counsel is the managed review legal solution when you need to quickly staff a project. Our database of credentialed talent stands ready to deliver defensible results, every day, when and where you need them.


  • Sourced 100+ qualified candidates for the complex managed document review
  • Assembled a team in two days to meet the timeline
  • Awarded the project because we were the most responsive with the required experience

“We are very satisfied with the handling of this project. Thanks to the whole team! We will absolutely be in touch with future projects.”

Filled Multiple In-House Counsel Positions

An 800M manufacturer/wholesale company with 5K employees needed to fill several in-house counsel positions immediately. Our client, an Am Law 100 client, referred us to assist the company in hiring their legal department.

Position(s) to Staff

Patent Prosecution, Insurance Contract Review,
and additional Specialized Project Attorney positions

Need: Staffing an In-House Team

Every day companies struggle with staffing challenges. Hire Counsel has the right people for your project. Our team is always sourcing talent, making them highly poised to help staff your next project or talent need.


  • Quickly sourced the Specialized Project Attorneys and Contract Review Attorneys required
  • One of the placed candidates was ultimately hired as the new General Counsel

Delivered Experienced Compliance Staff Support

A 16B Global Financial Services company was seeking experienced compliance for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance. Hire Counsel’s extensive financial market expertise and knowledge helped us quickly realize there was a broader market need that required current, highly experienced financial compliance talent.

Position(s) to Staff

12+ Specialized Financial Compliance Attorneys

Need: Attorneys with Specialized Qualifications

Hire Counsel leveraged our candidate pool with specific experience in this complex category.


  • Delivered 12+ Specialized Project Attorneys to support the compliance specialists
  • Sourced qualified talent up-to-date on AML compliance to meet the client’s needs on time

Law Firm Needs to Quickly Bolster Bench Nationally

An Am Law 50 firm needed to bolster their Procurement Department nationally. Hire Counsel was asked to quickly source a permanent Procurement Attorney and then find multiple specialized candidates for temporary positions, across the country.

Position(s) to Staff

Permanent Procurement Attorney


  • Private Funds Investments Review Attorneys
  • Contract Review Attorneys
  • Summer Interns

Need: Expanding a Department with Diverse Talent Requirements

This returning client came to Hire Counsel to help them bolster their bench knowing our extensive database with multiple areas of expertise, could fulfill their national placement requirements.


  • Quickly sourced and placed a highly qualified permanent Procurement Attorney
  • Filled more than 5 temporary positions, including summer interns
  • Delivered multiple level candidates across the country

Meeting Data Breach Review Deadline Reduced by Half

When a West Coast Data Breach review timeline is cut in half Hire Counsel quickly scaled the size of the review team and leveraged a partner with relevant technology to deliver on-time results.

Position(s) to Staff

Team of Experienced Data Breach Review Privacy Specialists

Need: Time-Sensitive Projects

Hire Counsel’s people-centered focus gives us immediate access to qualified talent, familiar with the process and protocols required to scale up quickly, and the perspective to identify the right technology to get the project done.


  • Leveraged a team that had just completed another Data Breach review to quickly scale up and meet the truncated deadline
  • Worked with the client and the technology partner who used relevant technology to complete the project in half the time