High Growth Litigation Boutique Extends Staff Capability

Our client, a boutique law firm experiencing rapid growth in a highly focused litigation and arbitration niche, required immediate attorney support to meet expanding workloads in its drafting and motion practice. Cyclical surges in projected attorney utilization coupled with the minimal availability of client human resource and project management resources required a flexible yet predictable staffing program and supporting economic model. The client needed on-demand managed staff available under a subscription-based billing model.

Managing High-Volume, Process Driven Legal Work Cost-Effectively

Our client, a large international law firm, had engaged with a large financial institution to defend its large-scale portfolio of lawsuits relating to mortgage modifications and foreclosures. The financial institution encouraged our client to charge a flat fee for each claim, and because of this arrangement, our client needed a solution for managing the voluminous portfolio work without the use of associates.

Interim General Counsel Fills Critical Gap During Government Audit

Our client, a large healthcare organization who was going through a government audit and investigation, was in need of an interim General Counsel. The client needed someone right away and was not able to find a full-time hire in such a short time frame. Also, the location of this healthcare organization was not in a very large legal market so it was difficult to find candidates with the healthcare and compliance experience they were looking for. They were looking for a candidate with strong experience with hospital/physician contracting including employment and practice acquisition as well as experience in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse laws including Anti-kickback and Stark Laws.