Contract Professionals 101: Effective guidance for building effective document review teams

Faced with a looming deadline to review and produce massive discovery, and with no prior experience working with contract attorneys, the client was looking to partner with a review management provider who had the experience to counsel them on the process end to end. They needed a team that could educate first-time users to work effectively with contract employees – a team that would be present throughout the document review project to insure their review was conducted on time, on budget, with superior legal staffing.

On Demand Review Management

Hire Counsel received a call from an Am Law 100 firm the Sunday before Thanksgiving informing Hire Counsel that they would need 60 attorneys, office space and computers for a document review that was to commence the Monday after Thanksgiving. The document review was for a copyright infringement matter that was expected to last approximately 4 months.

Being There 24/7/365 – When you Need It, We Build It

During a document review process, our client asked their outside counsel located in a major metropolitan area to house 15 Hire Counsel contract attorneys at their offices. The cost for conducting the review in this major market would have been substantially more than the client wanted to pay. Our client’s co-counsel, located in Las Vegas, agreed to supervise the project, but did not have space to house the document review.