Our High-Level Solution to Handle Influx of PPP Loan Applications

The PPP had a significant impact on our client, a mid-sized local bank in the northeast. Shortly after the program was announced loan applications started flooding in, and soon over 6,000 loan applications needed to be processed. With their communities and small businesses depending upon them, the bank contacted Hire Counsel to provide temporary legal staff to assist with loan documentation. Within hours, Hire Counsel had identified, vetted and hired a team of Special Project Attorneys with lending backgrounds, who began processing the loans that very same week.

Our High-Level Approach to Managing a Second Request

The stakes were high when a Second Request required Hire Counsel to procure staff, technology and infrastructure in a single market within a week.

Hire Counsel Solution. We tapped our national database of 50,000 legal professionals to source a candidate pool of 1,500 experienced document reviewers. We employed more than 300 legal professionals, all of whom were prepared for work on time and within the client’s budget. Simultaneously, Hire Counsel acquired a 12,000 square foot review center, equipped it with state-of the art technology and software, and ensured that all security measures were in place. We stocked the office with supplies and amenities to make it a comfortable working environment for the review staff. The review center was open 7 days/week from 6am to midnight for several months to accommodate the large number of document reviewers.

A Multi-State, High-Volume Managed Review Challenge

Our client, a nationally known law firm with a broad and deep focus in a wide range of practice areas, required extensive legal review attorney support in eight geographically dispersed locations across the Eastern and the Midwestern United States, for a short-term, high-volume project. The large size of the project coupled with the compressed deadline for core project completion required an accelerated yet comprehensive staffing program that would allow the client to scale to meet project needs while ensuring alignment of cost approaches for multi-location operations. The client required hundreds of reviewers available within 30 days to initiate and complete a multi-state 90-day project.