Fast Action and a Planned Approach are the Keys to Emerging from Bankruptcy. We Can Help.

The impact of a worldwide pandemic, national civil unrest, and corporations amassing the greatest amount of debt since World War II, has set the stage for an inevitable, and possibly unprecedented, surge in bankruptcy filings in the coming months. If you, or someone you know, are faced with a bankruptcy proceeding due to these factors,…

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Technology and Staffing Separately When Outsourcing eDiscovery Services

Working with a single, bundled service provider to supply both staffing and technology for your document review comes with the risk they will excel in one area more than another. Alternatively, when you work with  several suppliers that each deliver on their core competency your review is inherently protected with checks and balances. Hire Counsel works rigorously with clients to understand their discovery needs, so we can optimize document review efficiencies that will increase the output of the review team and reduce the risk to our clients. We develop solutions that meet – and often exceed – our clients desired outcomes.