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Client Challenge

During a document review process, our client asked their outside counsel (who was located in a major metropolitan area) to house 15 Hire Counsel contract attorneys at their offices. The cost for conducting the review in this major market would have been substantially more than the client wanted to pay. Our client’s co-counsel, located in Las Vegas, agreed to supervise the project, but did not have space to house the document review.


Hire Counsel Solution

The answer was clear:  staff, provide IT hardware and house the document review in Las Vegas. At this point Hire Counsel had never staffed a project in Las Vegas, so  priority one was to place job postings online and send a team of Hire Counsel recruiters to the city to conduct in-person interviews with prospective candidates for this project.

At the same time, a Hire Counsel team located available resources to house the review and had assessed the options on the ground in Las Vegas within 24 hours. When the space was secured, we provided the computer equipment needed in the timeframe required. Hire Counsel also registered with the proper authorities as an entity eligible to conduct business in Nevada.



In five days there were 15 licensed attorneys reviewing documents housed in a turnkey review center with IT hardware provided by Hire Counsel. Not only was the billing rate for the contract attorneys lower than it would have been in the major metropolitan market originally targeted for this project, the elimination of the fee for housing the team in the outside counsel’s offices resulted in our client saving approximately $350,000 on a project that lasted six weeks.

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