A Multi-State, High-Volume Managed Review Challenge

Client Challenge

Our client, a nationally known law firm with a broad and deep focus in a wide range of practice areas, required extensive legal review attorney support in eight geographically dispersed locations across the Eastern and the Midwestern United States, for a short-term, high-volume project. The large size of the project coupled with the compressed deadline for core project completion required an accelerated yet comprehensive staffing program that would allow the client to scale to meet project needs while ensuring alignment of cost approaches for multi-location operations. The client required hundreds of reviewers available within 30 days to initiate and complete a multi-state 90-day project.

Hire Counsel Solution

Using its extensive expertise and comprehensive review attorney database, Hire Counsel conducted initial project scoping meetings with the client to determine exact attorney requirements from both an experience and location perspective. Armed with information from the scoping meetings, Hire Counsel then proposed an accelerated staffing program that aligned experience, location, and cost expectations with client needs. The proposed plan was accepted, and Hire Counsel immediately began evaluation and staffing activities that allowed for the deployment of more than 300 review attorneys across five domestic review centers within 30 days.

Based on the speed at which the project was launched, the quality of the review attorneys, and the cost approaches developed by Hire Counsel, the client was able to complete the core project on time and budget. Additionally, after core project completion, the client re-engaged Hire Counsel for ongoing project support.


  • Accelerated Integration of Large Numbers of Legal Review Attorneys: Hire Counsel’s accelerated managed review staffing program allowed the client to successfully meet aggressive review volume and time requirements on budget for one of the largest review projects ever undertaken by the firm.

  • Exemplary Logistical Support Allows for Focused Review: Hire Counsel’s logistical support of review attorneys operating from multiple locations that were highly impacted by extreme weather conditions during the project allowed the client to complete the project without an increase in administrative or managerial support. The client highlighted this logistical support as one of the key reasons the project was able to be completed by an aggressive deadline in spite of environmental challenges.