As you use your time at home to review your current career goals and objectives, or perhaps look for employment, here are some of our suggestions for how to best position yourself:

1. Practice your interview. Over the next few months, video and phone interviews will be invaluable for employers who are actively searching for talent. Prior to the interview, test your laptop, camera and microphone. Will they be able to see and hear you clearly? Is the background free of distractions and clutter? Is your connection strong enough so the interview won’t be interrupted? Taking the extra prep time to ensure the interview goes smoothly may provide the interviewer the confidence needed to make an offer without holding an in-person interview.

2. Be Flexible. The inability to hold in-person interviews may cause some employers to hesitate to bring on new talent. Being open to temp-to-perm or contract type arrangements may provide the employer the reassurance they need to move forward, while providing you a paycheck. In addition, being flexible prolonged hiring timelines and showing patience when faced with bumpier-than-usual onboarding processes will be critical to demonstrate that you understand the stress the team is facing and can be a team player.

3. Think outside the box. As certain practice areas experience decreases in workflow, look towards other areas that may need additional support. Strong contracts drafting and negotiation skills? Study up on your understanding of force majeure clauses and highlight your ability to negotiate with service providers and vendors while adhering to a strict budget. Background in corporate formation and M&A? Look towards private equity or bankruptcy and restructuring. Take advantage of the extra time you may have now to help partners or colleagues in other areas to broaden your skillset to become more marketable in a changing economy.

4. Rework Network. Expand and refine your network and polish your social media presence. LinkedIn is heavily used by hiring professionals, so your profile should strive to be searchable and provide a clear overview of your background and skill sets. A current social media presence will make a big difference in finding new opportunities and getting contacted by hiring professionals about potential opportunities.

5. Work with a Trusted Recruiter. Establish a relationship with a professional recruiter. Whether you’re in the job market now, or would benefit from a coaching session, this is a great time to connect with an experienced recruiter in the legal industry. Hire Counsel recruiters have strong client relationships with the nation’s top law firms and corporate legal departments, which allow us to bring the best opportunities to you.


Remember to stay healthy and positive during this unprecedented time. Being in a positive frame of mind will not only help you weather the storm but will be apparent to those around you – including current and prospective employers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hire Counsel team if you have questions or would like to discuss career opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with you over the upcoming months.