We leave nothing to chance. You wouldn’t. So we don’t.

Hire Counsel legal professionals are fully vetted before we recommend them. Our team interviews candidates and puts them through our proprietary credentialing process, including:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Credit check
  • Education/graduation/degree verification
  • Bar admissions and standing
  • Work experience
  • Conflicts of interest

Hire Counsel’s team of 3,000+ contract professionals address your unexpected workloads, skill set demands and work within a timeframe—regardless of how short it is. Whether it is large-scale caseloads, document reviews, a need to bolster your capabilities or fill the gap when key professionals are unavailable, our contract professionals have a range of skill sets across critical practice areas.

This information, along with skill set, experience level, location, licensing, goals, availability, is immediately recorded in our national database of 50,000 legal professionals.

Skill Sets
  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • Article Writing
  • Brief Writing
  • Coding
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Writing
  • Corporate Closings
  • Data Entry
  • Discovery
  • Document Review
Practice Areas
  • Drafting
  • Due Diligence
  • IT
  • Litigation Support
  • Management
  • Real Estate
  • Research
  • Speech Writing
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Treatise Writing
  • Trial Preparation
Case Studies