Contract Paralegals

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Highly skilled contract paralegals can make for valuable additions to any law firm or corporate legal team, whether it’s for a specific legal case or a long-term position.  For more than 20 years, Hire Counsel has been providing corporations, law firms and legal teams with highly qualified contract paralegals who have experience working in all business environments and business sectors.  Our experienced paralegals are ready and able to function effectively as part of a larger legal team or independently as per the client’s needs.

At Hire Counsel, we subject all of our paralegal candidates to a rigorous screening process, as well as intensive one-on-one interviews conducted by our highly experienced recruiters to ensure that we provide clients with the best available contract paralegals in the country.  Our typical contract paralegal has a 4-year degree in their legal field and/or professional accreditation. Hire Counsel is a nationwide legal agency, operating 24/7/365 and every single one of our nationwide offices operates under the same strict standards of excellence, using the same standard operating procedures.

No matter where your firm or legal team is located, you can count on Hire Counsel to provide you with the same high level of service and legal staffing

Contract Paralegal Jobs

If you are a contract paralegal who wishes to advance his or her career in a competitive legal environment, look into becoming a Hire Counsel paralegal today. With over two decades of experience working with and providing jobs to paralegals and other legal professionals, we know how to give our candidates the resources they need to succeed in their careers. We work only with paralegal candidates and experienced paralegal contractors who are serious, committed and willing to adhere to the professional standards that all of our legal experts must live up to.

At Hire Counsel, we strive to maintain personal relationships with each of our legal professionals. We also provide them with a comprehensive benefits package and extensive job opportunities with firms both big and small, in all legal fields, including Litigation, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Trust & Estates, and Bankruptcy. So if you want to give your paralegal career the boost it needs, join our team today.


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