Managing High-Volume, Process Driven Legal Work Cost-Effectively

Our client, a large international law firm, had engaged with a large financial institution to defend its large-scale portfolio of lawsuits relating to mortgage modifications and foreclosures. The financial institution encouraged our client to charge a flat fee for each claim, and because of this arrangement, our client needed a solution for managing the voluminous portfolio work without the use of associates.

Interim General Counsel Fills Critical Gap During Government Audit

Our client, a large healthcare organization who was going through a government audit and investigation, was in need of an interim General Counsel. The client needed someone right away and was not able to find a full-time hire in such a short time frame. Also, the location of this healthcare organization was not in a very large legal market so it was difficult to find candidates with the healthcare and compliance experience they were looking for. They were looking for a candidate with strong experience with hospital/physician contracting including employment and practice acquisition as well as experience in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse laws including Anti-kickback and Stark Laws.